The Most-searched Cities

The Most-searched Cities and Attractions in 2022, According to Google

From New York City to Delhi, here are the year’s top inquiries.

Aerial view of New York City with Statue of Liberty at sunset

Google users across America searched for international flights, famous landmarks, and immersive experiences across the country in 2022.

The view of the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo, Brooklyn, was the top trending search query for scenic spots this year, compared to 2021, Google shared with Travel + Leisure. That was followed by the Golden Gate View Point near San Francisco and the Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas.

A second New York sight took the No. 4 spot on the list: The Statue of Liberty View Point as Arizona’s Horseshoe Bend rounded out the top 5. 

When it came to flights, London was the top trending destination for searches on Google Flights. The United Kingdom was also chosen as T+L’s destination of the year for 2023.

That was followed by searches for Ho Chi Minh City, Paris, Delhi, and Toronto. New York, which took the No. 10 spot, was the only United States city to appear on the trending flight list.

“Looking back at 2022, it’s heartening that so many people were thinking about international travel once again,” Richard Holden, the VP of travel products at Google, told T+L. “It’s certainly evident on Google Flights, with several cities in Europe and Asia seeing greater interest from US travelers compared to 2021.”

Travelers also looked for immersive experiences with searches for Van Gogh exhibits trending across the country from Washington D.C. to Seattle, Boston, New Orleans, and beyond. Searches for a New York exhibit on Jean-Michel Basquiat also saw an uptick in traffic, along with a Titanic exhibit in Las Vegas, an immersive dinosaur exhibit in Los Angeles, and more.

For its part, Google introduced some travel features this year and disabled others. In September, the company stopped allowing most of the world to book air travel directly through the search engine. Google plans to do the same in the U.S. by March 31, 2023.

That same month, Google introduced the option to see train schedules and prices on the site in select countries around the globe. The company also expanded the ability to search for sustainable travel by allowing people to filter for “low emissions” flights or “eco-certified” hotels.