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We are property management service experts

Promanse tourist agency provides property management services. Our services include Booking, maintenance, visits, cleaning and rental of all property types: villas, houses or apartments. We offer a range of services based on your requirements, from a detailed inspection and report to our special service based on your specific needs.

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Our Vision

To become the most reliable Property Management company in the World. Promanse is here for You!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer the highest quality of service to our clients and their guests with honesty, integrity and trust.

Who we are

A Property Management company focused on helping property owners with property rentals worldwide.

We deliver exceptional results


How can you save money by spending money on hiring a Property Management agency? It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s a wise financial investment for most Homeowners.
☑️A DECREASE IN VACANCIES – Fill your rentals faster when you let professionals do it. Shorter downtime between guests keeps your rental income flowing.
☑️MAXIMIZED RENT – Professionals know how to get top dollar for your rentals. Professional management is a major perk for your guests, who will be willing to pay for it. We use in-depth comparative market analysis to ensure your rental is the right price to maximize your income.
☑️CONTROLLED MAINTENANCE COST – When you handle your maintenance, you may end up in over your head, forcing you to hire a professional. We offer in-house maintenance to keep the cost of repairs under control.
☑️RENT MANAGEMENT – Stop wasting your time collecting rent and tracking down past-due payments. We can handle all the financial aspects for you.
☑️FINANCIAL REPORTING – Get detailed financial reports on your rental properties to keep you in the loop without spending hours trying to do the finances yourself. An analysis of your investment helps you maximize the property.

Home owners

If you’re a Homeowner and managing your property takes too much time and effort, we are here to help you. Check our list of services down below.
☑️Property visits with detailed reports sent to you by email
☑️Responding to emergencies
☑️Reporting owner about any problem with the properties
☑️Cleaning the house, airing out rooms, washing windows, etc.
☑️Collecting mail, water and electric meter reading, paying bills and   sending payment confirmations by email
☑️Storing your property key
☑️Registering your guests with local authorities
☑️Accommodating your guests upon their arrival and departure
☑️Collecting rental
☑️Grocery shopping and delivery
☑️Help with insurance plans
☑️Scheduling meetings with accountants and lawyers
We are also open for additional services that are not listed above and you can contact us for a free consultation on our e-mail: info@promanse.com or simply click on the button below and fill out our contact form, we will respond in a short notice.

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